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As the medical field changes so must we. Time, productivity, and accuracy become paramount. We have developed software to provide the information needed by the attending physician to better care for his patient in a timely manner. Do you ever wonder why you can get an immediate unconfirmed electrocardiographic (ECG) report and wait up to several days for an echo report?

With this software the technologist prepares a professional unconfirmed echocardiographic report after the examination for immediate distribution. The over-reading physician reviews and edits the saved report as needed. The report is then printed, signed and sent to the appropriate sites, either by hard copy, fax, e-mail or stored to a disk.

Visit our downloads page to get a 30 day, fully functional version of our Software, or keep on reading to see some of the benefits of using our Software.

Echo Software Pricing

The Features of Echo Software include:

Quick Report Generation - With Echocardiographic Interpretation Software, it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare a complete study, after the reading has been done.

Report Storage/Retrieval - Each study can be saved to a database, according to a name or an ID number. This ID number can be anything from a Social Security Number, to any other numbering system that you would like to use.

Different formats for different purposes - There are four different formats of reports available:

Each of these forms allows complete customization as far as the language that is used for generating the reports. Each of these reports has the same basic format, making it very easy to read and to locate information.

Printed, Faxed, E-Mail, and Web Reports - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software can now Print, FAX, E-Mail, or Publish your studies directly to an Intranet web server. If you have a FAX/Modem installed on your computer, you can simply press the FAX button, choose the number that you want to FAX, and the press send. If you want to send E-Mail, just fill in the To: field, and press send. If you want to publish studies to the web, select the path to publish to, and click OK. It is that easy! There is also the ability to do all of your publishing in a batch. This is used when you want to do all of your studies for the day, and then print them out at the end of the day.

Network Support - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software is designed to run on a network. This allows multiple users in a single hospital to share information, making the exchange of information almost instantaneous, allowing for quicker processing of patient information and reducing overall paperwork.

Import/Export Reports - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software also allows the user to export reports from the database, as well as import them. This allows for easy archival of old reports, easy backup of old reports, as well as consolidation of reports into 1 main, hospital-wide database, if desired.

Monthly Report Figures - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software will allow the user to run monthly reports on all of the studies that are in the database. These reports show how many studies are done by doctor, and also how many studies are done by each clinics/hospital.

Complete Support System - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software also comes with a complete help file, to answer any questions that you might have. It even walks you through a sample report, so you can see some of the features of the program.  If you cannot find the answer to your question in the help file, you can come to our web site and look under the FAQ section. Finally, if you still cannot find the answer to your question, you cane-mail us, FAX us at 417-864-6026, or call us at 1-888-254-ECHO.

Intuitive User Interface - The user interface is broken down into three main screens, the Report Information, the Left Ventricle, and the Right Ventricle. The Report Information screen has the basic information, such as the Doctor's name, the patient's name, and the technologist doing the study. The Left Ventricle screen has some basic information on it, and then it has some buttons that lead you to other, more detailed screens. The Right Ventricle screen is very similar, except that it's content deals with the Right Ventricle.

Customizable Default Information - Echocardiographic Interpretation Software prefills a lot of information, according to defaults supplied by you, the user. The original information is taken from the American Society of Echo's standard measurements. However, if you do not agree with some of the default information, you can change the information to your liking.

Previous Patient Notification - If you do a patient more than once, you will be able to pull up the previous studies that you have done. The program searches the database after you enter the Identification Number, and will flash a message at the bottom of the screen to notify you if you have a previous study available.

Speed Dial FAX numbers - For any user who happens to run a Mobile unit, Echocardiographic Interpretation Software provides you with 10 different locations that you can speed dial at your fingertips.

Complete set of information - The software has everything in it that you will need to put into your report. It includes everything from the size of the left ventricle in diastole and systole, to a pericardial fat pad statement. If there is anything else that you would like to add to the report, there is even a place for you to type your additional comments.

Built-in Medical Dictionary - The built in dictionary has all of the "Hard" words that transcriptionists and secretaries have problems spelling.

 Prices: When you buy a Medical Software Ltd. Product, you are not just buying a piece of software. You are buying a complete software system, along with great customer service, and a commitment to deliver the best product at a fair price. When you purchase an Echocardiographic Interpretation System, you will get 1 year of free telephone technical support and product enhancements. If there are any fixes that need to be done, they will be released on our web site, and will be free for you to download.

Product: Price (USD)
Echo Software Base Package $997.00
Echo Software- Site License (2 to 4) $997.00 + $250.00 a piece
Echo Software- Site License (5 to 10) $2197.00
Windows CE for PDA — UPDATE NC
Digital Format TBA
Technical Support:
Semi-Annual Updates (This includes Telephone and E-Mail support) $150.00 / year or
$100.00 / update
Telephone/E-Mail support $100.00 / year or
$50.00 / Incident
Onsite Support $200.00 /Hour + traveling Expenses - 1 day minimum.

Visit our downloads page to get a 30 day, fully functional version of our software


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